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Processing Techniques e-Book

Processing Techniques
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The eBook, titled Processing Techniques, is dedicated to those novice people who are interested in taking raw bud or trim that they have grown or purchased and converting it into other forms. These forms include concentrates, edibles, and vaping material. Step by step instructions are given for the various forms of conversion. Sometimes, it is not proper to be smoking raw bud in an area. It could be illegal or annoying to bystanders. These forms make the bud more discreet and also allow it to be safely transported in forms that are not so scrutinous by the public eye. If you are looking for how to make Butane Hash Oil, this is not the eBook for you. The opinion of the author is BHO is very dangerous to manufacture and should be left to professionals, if it is ever legalized. Please read the book in its entirety before proceeding with any processing described within. A lot of similar stuff is found for free on the internet. This eBook has tried and true methods, and not methods which are taken by trial and error.

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