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From Seed to Bud e-Book

Seed to Bud
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The eBook, titled From Seed to Bud, is dedicated to those people who are interested in growing their own marijuana plants for their own use as medicine or recreational enjoyment on a budget. This is a pretty good one stop shop on how to build a low budget grow room, sprout seeds, get seedlings to small pots, transplant to larger pots, grow through the vegetative stage, bud the plants and harvest them, and cure them for use. Seed types and selections are only briefly discussed. A primer on cloning is also included. This book is aimed at people who have some light knowledge of marijuana and some light horticulture experience, but haven’t actually grown their own. The methods that follow are tried and true. High caliber product has been grown in a Michigan basement in the dead of Winter. This method would make outdoor growing a breeze. Please read the eBook in its entirety before proceeding with a project.