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CBD Hippy Pain Balm

Price: $35.00

CBD Hippy Pain Balm
THC free and Legal in all states of the USA
This Product is Made by Essential Soap with care and concern for your health at a price you can afford. We have worked hard to give you the very best. Because we don't just poke cbd in a oil and add some emulsifier to it. We work hard to formulated this product to help you, like no other product on the market today, in our opinion.
In our "normal" balm every ingredient is hand selected to help the CBD go deep into pores, to force the CBD deep and break the brain barrier.
1. Oils and Butters have been selected that have the ability to penetrate every layer of the epidermis.
2. Essential Oils and or Herbs known to help open pores to force the CBD deep while also breaking the brain barrier.
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A 2 oz. Jar is only $35.00

Our "THC Free" Hemp "Full Spectrum" CBD is From....

Full Spectrum CO2 extracted Cannabidiol Oil + Pure Crystalline Isolate grown in Colorado in a Obama Farm Bill Approved Hemp Grow Facilities. This is a federal law that makes hemp products legal that are grown in a Obama Farm Bill Approved Facility and is kept below .03 percent or less in THC. The growers have developed new hemp plants for our CBD products that are low in thc and high in CBD. So this is not your grandfathers hemp plants that we still make rope out of. Marijuana is Illegal in most states or very limited.