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At, we take pride in helping the novice and the somewhat experienced find their way in growing and processing their marijuana product for their personal medicinal and / or recreational needs. We strive to learn and develop new methods and processes gor growing and processing product that will result in quality buds and useful leaves and trim for various purposes. Our e-Books have many items in which you can find similar information online, but the methods listed in the e-Books are tried and true by the folks who wrote the books. Many hours in trial and error have been attempted, so that you do not have to go down those same dead end paths to failure. Success is just a few mouse clicks away at our e-Book store. If you can follow simple directions, you too can be a Budmaster.

As a leading provider of Cannabis reference material and guidance, we take pride in offering the best Medicinal or Recreational Cannabis information. Test results should be mandatory, so that the public knows exactly what they are purchasing. Just like the information on most food products you buy, this product's full disclosure should be no different. Actually, it should be more important, since it is classified as a drug and a lot is still unknown about its use for medicinal or recreational purposes. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We hope to one day take down the following paragraph. However, we are in desperate need of funding to pull this business venture off.

This is a fledgling business whose domain registration and LLC is for sale. When the State of Michigan legalizes marijuana, we will be ready, unless someone from a legalized state buys our domain registration and LLC first. We will post up some more information and photos in the near future.
With a catchy name like, we should do well in the future.
If you would be so inclined as to make a donation to our cause, please PayPal me at

Everything on this website that is for sale has been personally tested by the Budmaster and associates. Only the top shelf items will make it into this eStore.